From Jason Carriere β€œIm so grateful to see my very first person I introduced to CFX hit the $100K button. Congratulations Robert Lauder. You deserve a life of financial freedom. Action takers are Money Makers… β€œπŸ’ͺ😁


In January, 2020, after having difficulty in finding work as a professional, I was thinking my wife and I would be homeless before long. However, I shared my situation with my current upline at church. He invited my wife and I to an introductory meeting about this amazing platform. My wife and I decided to join that day. I started with a 1K package and reached my 100K package in August, 2021.” I am so grateful to God, CFX and my upline leader for this wonderful opportunity. I can now retire and know that this business will provide an adequate income for many years.

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